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Individual Counseling

One of the most courageous steps a person can take is to reach out and ask for help.  We all have our own story, and for some it hasn't been an easy journey.  Sometimes our problems can be addressed by simply recognizing the issue and making the appropriate change. Often times, unfortunately, it isn't this easy. 

There is a powerful force in this life that is triggered when we admit first to ourselves, and then to another, that we need help.  Life was never meant to be lived alone!  Why is it that so many of us have listened to the inner voice that condemns, that keeps us from reaching out, that reminds us of our mistakes? So much of our struggle in this life can be resolved if we are willing to admit it exists and come to the realization that it cannot be fixed on our own.


I seek to provide a place where men and women can share their hearts without the fear of embarrassment or rejection.  Together, we will explore not only what the problem is on the surface, but seek to explore and process the roots.  Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Fear, and Shame all exist for a reason, and I believe freedom is a real opportunity for those who pursue it.

The counseling process is rarely easy. But, few things in this life that are worth pursuing are.  If you are struggling and desire relief, freedom, and an uplifted heart don't wait a moment longer. Call or email Justin today for a free phone or face to face consultation.

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