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Wellspring Counseling specializes in helping couples discover what real intimacy is all about.  Whether you are married, thinking about getting married, or are wondering if the relationship is worth taking to the next level Justin can help you connect, communicate, and bond at the heart level.  If conflict is becoming more common, and resolution doesn't seem to happen, there is hope!  Couple's counseling can help bring healing, hope, and security back to your relationship.

Couples Counseling Can Help With the Following Common Issues:

  • Understanding and resolving "that same old argument ("How do we keep ending up in this same place!?  Do you even hear what I'm saying to you?")


  • Feeling misunderstood and frustrated in our current ability to communicate ("We used to be able to talk about everything, but now it seems like we both just get frustrated.")


  • Feeling unloved, unappreciated, and not cared for ("I used to feel loved (or admired), and so special! Now I just feel criticized, nagged, or ignored.")


  • Loss of connection (It used to be that we didn't have enough time in the day because we spent so much time together. Now we hardly even talk. I'm lonely)


  • Trust that has been broken (I want to forgive, but it seems like the pain won't go away)


  • There has been an what do we do? ("Can we get past this? Will I ever be able to trust again?")


The unfortunate reality for most relationships is that we never learned how to deeply connect, communicate on deeper levels, or even how to resolve conflict.  Some have been blessed with parents that modeled a healthy relational lifestyle, but many of us have not. THIS IS WHY COUPLES COUNSELING CAN BE SUCH A BLESSING FOR SO MANY! 

How Does Couples Counseling Work?

Most couples have the same fights over and over. In fact, all relationships are made up of cycles of interaction. When the cycle makes us feel good about ourselves and our partner, we feel safe and close. The safer we feel, the more of ourselves we reveal to our beloved. When the relational cycle makes us feel bad about ourselves and/or our partner, we turn away from them to protect ourselves from the hurt of the interaction.

When people are unhappy in their relationship it is often because they are stuck in a pattern that makes them feel unsure of themselves or the relationship and the cycle has become powerful and rigid. We turn more away from our partner and protect ourselves with anger or shutting down. This leads to more painful emotions and it becomes easy to blame our partner for them.The truth is both people are stuck in the relational cycle and are being hurt by it.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) helps couples begin to recognize these powerful patterns, and to start new healthy ways of relating.  The reason EFT is effective is primarily due to the couple experiencing change in session.  Therapy doesn't focus on giving the clients advice or techniques to practice at home. Instead, we explore each partner's experience in the relationship, and develop new patterns of communication and intimacy in session. 

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